Mounir Mulhem
I am a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Communication Design. My concentrations include Graphic and Interactive Design. I also have a strong passion for illustration
that some might say is evident in my work. 
Throughout my career, I have worked for multiple full-service agencies helping to establish brands in the greater Lehigh Valley area. I've also worked on multiple freelance design projects that include logo design, branding, poster design, and illustration. I invite you to look through my portfolio which consists of both commercial and personal works.
When it comes to dedication and challenging oneself, there is no doubt that these qualities are needed in the workplace. I like to believe that I present these qualities when it comes to my design work. I am a passionate individual that is driven to always improve and grow as a designer, no matter the challenge. 
I am currently exploring design positions in the greater Lehigh Valley area. Feel free to look at my portfolio or 
you can email me at 
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